Drain Cleaning / Inspection

Is your shower draining slow? Is your toiler not flushing like it used to? You could have a clog somewhere in your drain system. Clogs are inconvenient, messy and can often cause serious water damage if left untreated.

We offer effective, professional drain cleaning solutions that can be completed without causing damage to your existing piping or landscaping. We have small drain cleaning machines for sinks and tubs, and large drain cleaning machines for your main drain that connects to the city sewer.

We have a hydro-jetting machine that uses pressurized water to clean-out the gunk from the inside of your pipes, while not damaging the existing pipe. With our specialized equipment, you will appreciate how fast we can have everything flowing properly again.

In the event of a major clog or issue, we have specialized CCTV cameras that we send down your drains to figure out what is causing the block and what our next steps are.

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