Drain Tile Replacement

When you notice you are getting water in your basement or water is draining through your house, your drain tile system is clogged, broken or possibly not even installed.

Drain tiles protect ground water from entering the house. A properly installed system protects your homes foundation and keeps water out of your basement. With weather patterns changing, we are seeing more and more days with extreme rain in Vancouver. Drain tiles keep this excess water from entering your house.

Older systems deteriorate over time, collect dirt and tree roots break through causing issues. Also, the system installed may not be sized for today’s weather patterns. When we can, we will clean and remove dirt/roots and get everything flowing again. When these drain tile system are so damaged, a replacement is needed.

When we replace your drain tile system we size everything based on today’s requirements and also apply a special coating on bottom of your house to prevent water from entering. Everything is done properly to code and will protect your home for years to come.

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