Home/Office Repipe

As the old adage goes, nothing lasts forever, even your pipes. Over time the plumbing system/pipes in your home will oxidize, crack, corrode, rust, and begin developing leaks. Pipes wear-out from the constant flow of water, just like how rivers are carved into the landscape over many years. Not only this, but the workmanship of the original installer and the material they used can also play into the problem.

Some of the worst material known for causing leaks in older homes is Poly-B or Poly-Butylene pipe. If there is Poly-B in your system, there is a good chance a re-pipe will be needed. Learn more about Poly-B here.

There are some signs to look for when trying to determine if you need a repipe. Is there pooling of water anywhere? Is the ground wet around the house? Is the water heater always running? Do you hear trickling water anywhere? These are just some of the signs.

If you have been frequently repairing small cracks or pin-hole leaks in your water pipes it may be time for a repipe. Let’s talk about your system and see if a repipe is needed. You can learn more about our repiping process here.

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